You will know in real time how your route and event planning will be resolved through our platform.

Its objective is to optimize the accident assistance process so that it can be resolved quickly in accordance with the conditions and resources available in each company.

Plan wisely and get better results.

You will see if your planned route was completed by improving instant management, route compliance and route planning.
With Fleet Booking you will optimize the shared fleet, you will low costs and risks associated to these vehicles.
It performs three main functions in your daily operation; supports supervisors, managers and executives in the transportation operation of the company.

With our platform, you will visualize, trace and locate your vehicles immediately, saving time and resources in operational management, increasing productivity and efficiency.

It allows direct reading from on-board computer, obtaining online the different parameters during the trip, according to make, model and year of the vehicle at the end of the journey.
You will measure and monitor remotely, being aware of the temperature of your assets in real time.
Contamos con un equipo técnico especializado que gestiona desde la necesidad operativa del equipamiento hasta su instalación y mantención.
It makes easier the identification of the vehicle, driver, registration from the beginning to the end of the working day, rest alerts and vehicle status.
Get to know the main driving mood of your fleet, classifying your drivers based on general infractions.
We are connecting the main fuel suppliers so that you can view your loads and manage them.
Register and manage the maintenance of the vehicles in your fleet. It saves the documents for each maintenance performed.